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08, May 2017

August 13, 2012


CJP lauds CP Mumbai Police’s mature
handling of Saturday’s protest


Citizens for Justice and
Peace met the Commissioner of Police Mumbai to express our concern
over the fallout of Saturday’s violence. His mature  handling of a
potentially explosive situation on Saturday did ensure that matters
were brought under control. Most of all his immediate presence at
the venue within minutes of the situation spiralling out of control,
his direct appeal to the protesters and organisers, his reference to
the bloodbath of 1992-1993 worked to calm the crowd and draw
apologies from many sections of the Muslim community.

We have also shared details of the misuse of certain photographs
from the internet claiming that these are about atrocities on
Rohingyas in Burma when in fact they belong to different tragedies
and protests. CJP would like to express deep sorrow at the loss of
lives on Saturday and also deep regret at the injuries –some
serious caused to several police men and women last Saturday.
 Enclosed is a copy of the memorandum that contains the manipulated

CJP would like to state that while photographs about the situation
in Burma have been doing the rounds since mid-June 2012, it was a
Pakistani blogger who has pointed out the misuse/manipulation of
some of the images.CJP would also like to urge that restraint and
maturity continues to govern not just the law and order machinery
but also the political class. Among the wide use of SMS for
Saturday’s agitation, politicians have also been sending out
provocative text messages. (we have some of these). Unlike what has
been put out, we would also like to state that while the media may
not have highlighted the situation of the Rohingyas in Myanmar as
much as say they have the Hindu refugees of Pakistan, this needs to
be highlighted by enlightened debate. As far as the Assam issue is
concerned there have been as always mixed reportage in the media.
The Open Magazine calls it on e3 sided provocation against the
Muslim settlers. It would also be worth remembering that clearcut
efforts to communalise the situation in Assam have been spearheaded
by our largest opposition party that speaks of the violence against
the Bodos but not against the Muslim settlers who’s citizenship
issue has been long settled.

We enclose the memorandum with a request that this is given wide

Teesta Setalvad
Secretary, CJP


 Memo to Commissioner of Police



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