Citizens for Justice and Peace

A Statement by the Citizens for Justice and Peace, Communalism Combat, Muslims for Secular Democracy Condemn the bomb blast in Delhi

07, Sep 2011


The Citizens for
Justice and Peace (CJP), Mumbai, Communalism Combat and Muslims for
Secular Democracy (MSD) condemn the irresponsible and criminal act
of exploding a bomb near gate number five of the Delhi High Court.
It is reported that the explosion occurred around 10.30 today
morning. At least nine persons are feared to have lost their lives
and an estimated 50 persons injured at the time of releasing this
statement. The injured have been reportedly taken to nearby
hospitals for medical treatment.  Weextend our deepest sympathies
and condolences to the bereaved families and wish the survivors a
wholesome recovery.

The blasts outside the Delhi High Court today have taken the lives
of poor litigants who around that time throng in large numbers to
access the portals of justice. It is tragic and unfortunate that
this mindless act of violence has taken innocent lives. We urge that
the authorities ensure just and equitablke compensation and
reparation for the victims of this irreparable loss.

There can be no doubt that the repeated terrorist attacks in one or
another part of the country in recent years are not just incidents
of mindless violence but part of a sinister design. The obvious
intention is to widen the communal divide, spread mutual suspicion
and hatred between communities and thus endanger national unity.

The media reporting
live from the scene of crime should express adequate caution, not to
make speculative and emotion-driven assumptions and should operate
professionally, respecting also the privacy of the unfortunate
individuals injured in the incident.

Investigations into different incidents of terror attacks in recent
years have clearly revealed that extremism is not the monopoly of a
particular religion. The mass murderers may claim to act in the name
of this or that faith but they share a common objective: bleeding
India by spreading communal discord through wanton acts of violence
against innocent citizens.

We need to function in
unison to combat the threats posed by such acts of violence.

Teesta Setalvad     JavedAnand

Sabrang  Team

Citizens for Justice Team




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