Why Criminalized? Deepak Seeking Answer in Detention camp Samoyik Prasanga

25, Aug 2021

45 years Deepak Deb son of Dhirendra Deb, migrated to Assam as a laborer  from   Nadiapar village, came to Assam about fifteen years ago. Deepak is a burning example of what’s going on in Assam in the name of citizenship. He started working at the Guwahati Railway station canteen. He would also sell tea on the side for extra income. He has been sending some money to the Tripura’s family too. Deepak has the school certificate from Tripura. Deepak’s father has his name on 1965 voter list. But this Deepak too has spent five years as a foreigner in a detention camp in Goalpara, Assam.
On 3rd November, 2016, Kampur(M) Boarder Police has arrested Deepak Dev and locked up in the Detention centre. Why? Because He has been declared foreigner in an ex parte judgment in connection with the FT case no 791/2015 by Foreigner Tribunal (FT) No 3 of Kamrup Metro. For almost five years later, Deepak Dev finally came out under open sky with the help of Citizens For Justice and Peace and reunited with his aged mother.
After being admitted to the Detention camp, he fell ill in a days. He was taken to Goalpara Civil hospital and later GMCH wearing handcuffs. This time it seemed to him that he was insulted. He was born in this country, however, he has been taken for treatment like thief or dacoit wearing those handcuffs. After being released he said to the CJP volunteers, once his legs were swollen even then he was  handcuffed and he said,” I did not steal something nor I robbed. I was born in this country. I don’t know how I become a foreigner. I’m not a criminal then Why I was always have to wear this handcuffs? This time a few more prisoners stood by me. From that day handcuffs were not worn.” According to Deepak, he was called at the D camps for eating inedible food. After fasting for seven days, good food was served.  Deepak saw the prisoners die in the D-camp with his own eyes.  He cannot forget the death of Subrata Dey of Lower Assam.  After the death of Subrata, Deepak always thought that he might never get out of the D-camp while he is alive.  But in the role of savior, he was taken out of the D-camp by CJP’s Nanda Ghosh and other volunteers.  All the prisoners we have released are from Assam, but Deepak is from Tripura.  So I started looking for Deepak’s family in this state.  Once I came to know that one of Deepak’s brothers Dhruv also lives in Assam.  Dhruv used to work in colour.  But during the lockdown, he changed his livelihood and started selling vegetables.  Their mother lives with Dhruv, said Nanda.  The next challenge was to get a bailor.  Found one after many obstacles.
Nanda said that since Deepak was from another state, his release was not easy.  We had gone long on this.  Deepak was finally released on August 25.


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