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UNICEF initiates record fundraising appeal for $3.6 billion

01, Feb 2018 | CJP Team

The Guardian reported that the United Nations children fund (UNICEF) has initiated its largest ever “emergency appeal for funding, warning that conflict is creating unprecedented levels of need.” According to UNICEF, which is seeking $3.6 billion to supply emergency aid this year, nearly one in four children reside in a country that is impacted by conflict or natural disaster. The Guardian noted that although need is rising worldwide, donors will likely not give enough to meet the stipulated target. In 2017, UNICEF’s humanitarian fund had received only 65% of its goal by the middle of December. Over half the funds accumulated last year were allocated to the crises in Syria and South Sudan, while just 2% were allocated to nine crises: Angola, Djibouti, Eritrea, Libya, Mali, Nepal, North Korea, and to help Burundian refugees and those impacted by hurricanes in the Caribbean. Around 84% of the funding appeal for 2018 is earmarked for countries ridden with conflict and violence; One-third of the appeal is earmarked for the crisis in Syria, and for neighbouring countries like Lebanon and Jordan, that have taken in refugees. 




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