UN warns of “imminent catastrophe” in Yemen

04, Dec 2017 | CJP Team

Several heads of UN agencies as well as other senior humanitarian officials issued a statement this weekend saying that Yemen’s cities are facing a major water shortage, with seven cities’ water networks lacking fuel and being dependent “on humanitarian organizations to fill in the gap,” ABC News reported. The statement noted that if the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade on Yemen does not end, other cities would soon face a similar problem, “which would leave 11 million people without safe water.” The blockade was relaxed last week, but commercial vessels carrying food and fuel are still barred from docking. The statement said “the lack of commercial imports through Red Sea ports would alone push a further 3 million people into starvation.” The officials also noted that almost 400,000 children in Yemen are suffering from “severe acute malnutrition”. 



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