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UN refugee chief lauds Djibouti’s new refugee rules

19, Dec 2017 | CJP Team

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, during his recent visit to Djibouti, lauded the country’s acceptance of more than 27,000 refugees from four neighbouring nations, UNHCR reported. He also a commended the Djibouti government’s move to consider all refugee camps as villages. “This is extremely important as it means that refugees will have freedom of movement and can access public services and whenever possible, jobs,” Grandi said. Grandi attended the Regional Education Conference held in Djibouti, where nations including Djibouti committed to integrating refugees into their education systems and allowing them to obtain certificates that are recognised all over the region. Of this move Grandi said, “This is so important because it recognizes that education is not just a right but also an instrument of dignity and identity and also a very important investment to the future.” Djibouti’s government has already launched a new system that lets refugees learn in English and adjust to the country’s education system. Grandi also praised Djibouti’s commitment to Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework by passing progressive legislation, which streamlines the process to determine refugee status and grants refugees easier access to social services such as education, healthcare, and employment. 



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