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Two students suspended for inter-religious relationship

28, Aug 2015

MANGALURU, August 28, 2015
A II Pre-University student and his collegemate, a first PU student, have been placed under suspension for two weeks by a college in Sullia, 60 km away from Mangaluru, following protests by a section of students. Their “crime”, as the protesters portrayed it, was their alleged relationship despite belonging to different religious communities.
This comes within a week of a 28-year-old youth being stripped and beaten up in the heart of Mangaluru while he was in a car with a colleague belonging to another religion.
At the Sullia college, a few days ago, a group of students had submitted a petition to the college principal seeking action against the II PU student for being in a relationship with the I PU girl, who belonged to a different religion. A large group of students carried out a protest on Wednesday evening demanding action. Thse police had to intervene and send away the students.


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