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Three more released from detention camps- Now they need your help CJP is now launching a modest rehabilitation program to help the most needy among them

15, May 2020 | CJP Team

CJP team Assam’s exclusive intervention has secured the release of 25 people, till now, who were languishing in the detention camps of Assam. Over the past two days, we helped release three more detainees from the detention camps. We are now looking forward to launch a rehabilitation program to assist the most needy families among them, so that they live a life of dignity. Watch this video to get our latest update on the three detainees released from the detention camps and why they need rehabilitation and support. Help us help Assam.


Victory! CJP helps secure release of 9 Detention Camp inmates in Assam

The night Parbati came home

CJP Assam: Three more inmates released from detention camps



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