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World Water Day

More than 800 million forced to travel at least 30 minutes to obtain safe water

A report from the charity WaterAid found that more than 800 million people are forced to travel and line up for at least 30 minutes to obtain safe water, the Guardian reported. According to the report 844 million people are “at the bottom of the ladder – with long journeys for clean water, or dependent upon…

Water scarcity could displace hundreds of millions by 2030: report

A panel comprising 11 heads of state and a special advisor recently released a report on water action, which calls for major changes in the way water is managed so that the Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation can be reached, UN News reported. The report notes that…

Water, A Woman’s Burden Examining the relationship between gender and water on World Water Day

March 22 is observed as World Water Day. With the global population steadily swelling, the availability and access to clean, safe water is not only paramount, it is a key concern for maintaining public health in an increasingly unstable world. Goal 6 of the United Nations’ 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals is to “ensure availability…

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