Citizens for Justice and Peace

Women Achievers

This women’s day CJP celebrates all women in resistance We salute all the brave women who speak up against oppression and violence

From the brave foot-soldiers who work on the ground to the ones who support them vocally, from the tribal lands inside the forest to the urban metros, from leaders to followers, from asking important questions to fighting it in courts and beyond, brave women have time and again taken ownership to march against wrongdoings and…

Woman, Van Gujjar, Forest Dweller – the roles & intersectionalities in Mariam’s life The Right to a Voice Revisited - Van Gujjar Women & Intersections of Community Mobilization

“One woman standing up against an unjust law is unlikely to achieve much on her own; many women working together, however, are more likely to provoke change” (Rowland 1998) I had first read about a Van Gujjar named Mariam in an article titled “Tribal Women in UP: Challenging the Panchayat System” in Diana Vinding’s book…

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