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Sofiya Khatun's case

Forest Rights case: SC directs states to file Compliance Affidavits Sokalo Gond and Nivada Rana file Intervention Application backed by CJP and AIUFWP

The Supreme Court has directed states that have not filed compliance affidavits on the matter of implementation of the Forest Rights Act, 2006, to do so within a fortnight. Wild Life First v/s Union of India –a batch of petitions filed in 2008 challenging the constitutional validity of the Forest Rights Act of 2006 came up…

Administration on its toes

12 villages commemorate Shahadat of Sokalo’s son in Sonbhadra, UP Administration on its toes

Villagers and forest dwelling people from as many as twelve villages in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh (UP) gathered to commemorate the death anniversary of human rights defender Sokalo Gond’s son, Mithilesh Gond, on Sunday, July 14. Mithilesh died six years ago in a Hindalco hospital located in Renukoot, UP reportedly because of the negligence of the…

A quest for Dignity and Justice

A quest for Dignity and Justice Sonbhadra Forest Movement leader calls for protests on July 14

Forest movement leader and Human Rights Defender (HRD) Sokalo Gond calls for July 14 to be commemorated in the memory of her son who died allegedly because of Hindalco doctors’ apathy. “The day he died, we went to buy school dress, pencils and everything else for the other children. He was getting fever for some…

Sokalo Gond: Adivasi warrior who defends her people Human Rights Defender

This is the story of Human rights defender Sokalo Gond who fights for the rights of her people, in Sonbhadra, a forested region of UP. She is one of the most important forces in the struggle for the implementation of forest rights act 2006 in Sonbhadra. Over the years, Sokalo has been working relentlessly with…

Sokalo Gond Released from Jail Today Victory for CJP and AIUFWP's campaign to release forest rights defenders

Sokalo Gond an Adivasi human rights defender & executive committee member of AIUFWP was illegally incarcerated since June 2018. Despite being granted bail on October 4, technical & procedural issues kept Sokalo behind bars till today. After 5 long months in jail she walks free today. Related: A Beautiful Show of Solidarity: Activists group reaches…

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