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Adivasi girl held captive and tortured by Chhattisgarh cop Girl's father abducted, forced to sign papers absolving perpetrator

In a shocking case of human trafficking, a minor Adivasi girl was held hostage by an Assistant Sub Inspector and his wife in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. ASI, Shailendra Singh and his wife Shashi, allegedly brought the girl from her village after promising her family that they will give her a better life, but instead forced her into…

Prosecutors come together to combat modern slavery

Prosecutors from around the world joined hands at a three-day summit in London last week that was intended to bolster efforts against modern slavery, the Thomson Reuters Foundation reported. Britain’s Crown Protection Service (CPS) said the prosecutors intend to collaborate more closely to convict those engaging in slavery and human trafficking. The prosecutors also planned to…

Wakanda Forever: Black History Month in the age of Black Panther Is the African diaspora getting its due?

Black History Month also known as African American History month in the US, refers to a month long commemoration of the struggles of the African American community, as well as a celebration of their achievements and culture. Of late, it is also commemorated in Canada, United Kingdom and the Netherlands where it is called Black…

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