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NRC Anxiety Allegedly Leads To One More Suicide in Assam

Sultanpur rape case: CJP moves NHRC citing lacunae in police investigation Raises concerns about possibly deliberate attempts to derail the case

On September 10, villagers from Baijapur in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh woke up to the mutilated body of a young girl hung from a tree, not much unlike the Badaun rape case. The incident was also reminiscent of the Nirbhaya rape case given how a stick had been inserted in the victim’s private parts. But…

As #MeToo mounts, Bhanwari Devi’s Struggle Must Not be Forgotten Human Rights Defender Profile

“Indian culture has not yet touched such low depths that an innocent villager would lose all sense of age and caste and like a wolf would pounce upon a woman, that too in the presence of a 70-year old,” said the Jaipur district and sessions court while acquitting the four accused in Bhanwari Devi rape…

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