Citizens for Justice and Peace

section 144

Is the Right to Protest in India a protected Fundamental Right? By using prohibitory tools on its people, the Government is limiting democratic practices and irrevocably diluting Article 19

The seeds of protest were sown deep during our independence struggle, making protest an important and indelible chapter in India’s history. Today, our country is witnessing an extraordinary wave of protests- by farmers, minorities, students, activists against the current regime. It must be unequivocally emphasised that the Constitution of India gives its citizens the right…

Laws in the time of Corona Some laws which are helping the administration in containing the spread of the virus

As the Covid-19 pandemic claims new lives everyday and fresh cases emerge in different states, certain laws and legal provisions can enable a system to be put in place to best manage the fragile and fast deteriorating situation. Here’s a look at some such laws and how they can help the administration check the spread…

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