Citizens for Justice and Peace


CJP at the Azam college campus in Pune Public meeting held on NRC, NPR and CAB

On 7th December, a public meeting organised by Haji Gulam Mohammed Azam Education Trust saw an attendance of over 500 hundred people. CJP’s secretary, Teesta Setalvad, a key speaker at this meeting emphasized on the fact that a nationwide NRC/NPR is only being used to divide the country. She questioned how such an exercise can…

Nobody from the Elgaar Parishad went to Bhima Koregaon: Justice Kolse Patil Teesta Setalvad in conversation with Justice Kolse Patil

In this interview with Citizens for Justice and Peace retired High Court Judge, Justice Kolse Patil tells us the purpose of the Elgaar Parishad and the accusation of a “plot” to assassinate the Prime Minister which was disclosed through a letter.   Teesta Setalvad (TS): Good Morning Justice BG Kolse Patil, and thank you for…

State Crushing Dissent Again! Raids against Human Rights activists across India

A vindictive state is brazenly attacking dissent in India. What’s more disturbing, is that it is actually spinning this as their crackdown on persons who threaten national security and integrity! On August 28, police raided homes of several social activists across India, under the guise of investigating them for being involved in planning and instigating…

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