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Poverty and conflict spurring major increase in global migration: ILO

Increasing poverty and conflict have spurred a 20% spike in the number of international migrants in a four-year period, according to a report from the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO), the Guardian reported. The ILO report indicated that “the number of people who left their home country in search of work, to join family,…

Eliminating poverty could lead to significant decrease in tuberculosis cases: Study

According to a study published in Lancet Global Health, eliminating extreme poverty would result in an 84% decrease in tuberculosis cases by the year 2035, the Guardian reported. Nine policymakers and scientists conducted research regarding the prevalence of tuberculosis in 192 countries. They considered connections between those living on less than $1.90 per day and the extent to…

India’s wealthiest 1% received 73% wealth created in 2017

An Oxfam survey found that the wealthiest 1% in India received 73% of the wealth that was created in the country in 2017, according to BloombergQuint. Meanwhile, the wealth of 67 crore Indians making up the country’s poorest half increased by just 1%. Worldwide, 82% of the wealth created in 2017 went to the wealthiest 1% of…

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