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Police brutality against teaching candidates

How do you police the police? A User’s Guide provides some answers

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has released a recently prepared User Guide on the Maharashtra’s Police Complaints Authorities or PCAs. These authorities were established to inquire into complaints by the public against police personnel, including grievances as to serious misconduct, corruption, and abuse of authority.   The whole issue of a Police Complaints Authority…

Study finds anti-Muslim prejudices among police personnel 1 in 3 justify mob violence in cow slaughter incidents

A study by Common Cause- Centre for the study of developing societies (CSDS), Lokneeti has revealed disturbing prejudices of police personnel towards Muslims on the question of committing violence. The study has also highlighted prejudicial attitudes in the incidents of mob violence. While no statistics of actual representation of Muslims within the police force are available…

Investigate Partisan Role of Police: Vadodara Violence

A 38 year old young man, Rafik Abdul Ghani Vohra, set upon by a mob that was led by Ashok Thakur and other well known VHP activists including  his brothers in law, Jittu and Chinu, Sunil Dhobi, Hardik and Bharat (total mob strength was over 1,000)  and burnt to death in his car, at Ajwa…

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