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Hate Watch: SP leader makes sexist remarks against Jaya Prada Join CJP's campaign for #HateFreeElections

You know it is election season when political leaders start making hateful comments about their electoral rivals, comments that target people based on their religion, caste or gender and stem from a deep seated hate of the same. On March 28, Samajwadi Party leader Feroze Khan, who heads the party in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal district,…


Feminism and the Rights of the Indian Homemaker Within the Home, Her Rights are a Work in Progress

Feminism has had its own journey across the Indian subcontinent and touched different women differently. In this exclusive blog, author Kiran Manral examines the evolution of feminism and its impact on the Indian homemaker.   The feminist movement, a movement for the equality of genders in all aspects, is not new to India. In fact,…

Feminism and the Indian Man Understanding Consent and Rape in a Gendered Society

Earlier this year, writer Tara* Kaushal set out to find the answer to the contentious question, “Why Indian men rape”, for her forthcoming book by the same name. In the process she discovered the multiple stumbling blocks that have prevented the feminist movement from gaining any significant foothold in vast swathes of not just the…

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