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New MSP for Kharif crops

Big Win for Farmers’ Rights as Key Bills make it to Parliament Bills pertaining to Indebtedness and Minimum Support Price will be introduced as Private Members Bills

In a significant victory for rights of India’s agrarian community, two major bills geared towards the welfare of farmers, have received the backing of 21 political parties. These are ‘Farmers Freedom from Indebtedness Bill 2018’ and ‘Farmers’ Right to Guaranteed Remunerative Minimum Support Price for Agricultural Commodities Bill 2018′. On Wednesday, April 25, the All India Kisan…

How Right Wing media manipulates Public Perception The damage done to the Farmers' Protest by whataboutery, false equivalence and wild conspiracy theories

CJP has been campaigning for farmers’ rights and supporting them in their struggle. Since March 14 we have been bringing to you constant updates from an ongoing Satyagraha by farmers in Odisha. Unfortunately, a large section of the mainstream media has remained indifferent to the protest which has entered the 8th day with the farmers launching a Rail Roko on Monday.…

Odisha Farmers’ Protest in Images

Odisha Farmers’ Protest in Images A look at how the farmer unrest is spreading across Odisha

Farmers across 22 districts in Odisha have launched a Satyagrah for their rights. First they organised a huge rally in Bhubaneshwar, then as many as 306 of them went on a hunger strike. On March 17, as their hunger strike entered the 6th day, many had to be hospitalised due to their deteriorating health. On…

Odisha farmers begin Satyagraha

Odisha farmers begin Satyagraha in every district demanding of Pension, MSP hike Over 300 farmers on indefinite hunger strike, 'sit-in' protests outside all District Collectorates

((This story was originally published on March 14 and updated on March 16, 2018)) Farmers in Odisha have launched a Satyagrah for their rights across 22 districts in the state. They are holding ‘sit-in’ protests outside each District Collectorate office. Soon after the long march of farmers in Maharashtra, Odisha peasants and farmers had staged a massive…

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