Odisha Farmers’ Protest in Images A look at how the farmer unrest is spreading across Odisha

17, Mar 2018 | CJP Team

Farmers across 22 districts in Odisha have launched a Satyagrah for their rights. First they organised a huge rally in Bhubaneshwar, then as many as 306 of them went on a hunger strike. On March 17, as their hunger strike entered the 6th day, many had to be hospitalised due to their deteriorating health. On the 8th day, some farmers resorted to a Rail Roko in Jagatsinghpur.


The health of 7 farmers deteriorated so much after 6 days of hunger strike that they had to be hospitalised.
Farmers lie exhausted at the hospital after being on hunger strike for 6 days.
Some farmers collapsed and couldn’t even walk on their own. They had to be helped by others and taken to the hospital.
Even as farmers lie in hospital after 6 days of hunger strike, nobody from the government has visited them.
Farmers came out and blocked railway tracks in Jagatsinghpura on the 8th day of the protest.
Farmers in Jagatsinghpur stopped trains on the 8th day of the protest.
Farmers did nto allow trains to run on day 8 of the protests in Jagatsinghpur.

And here are a few pictures of peaceful ‘sit-in’ protests that were held outside the District Collectors’ offices in 22 districts across Odisha.

Protest at Balangir
Demands of farmers being presented at Balangir
Farmer’s hold a peaceful protest in Ganjam
Farmers got together for a sit-in protest at Ganjam
Farmers presented their demands in Ganjam
Farmers holding a ‘dharna’ outside Jagatsinghpur DC office
Sit in protest outside Jagatsinghpur DC office
Farmers engaging in Satyagrah by protesting peacefully outside Jagatsinghpur DC office
Farmers protest peacefully in Kendrapada
Peaceful Protest in Odisha
Farmers holding a sit-in protest as a part of their Satyagrah in Odisha
Farmers staging a peaceful ‘sit-in’ protest
Navnirman Krishak Sangathan has organised farmers from across Odisha to protest peacefully for their rights


All images courtesy Pradeep and Navnirman Krishak Sangathan.



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