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A Day in the Life of Van Gujjars Photo Feature

The Van Gujjars are a transhumance tribe of pastoralists belonging to the Himalayas. Their livelihood and subsistence depends primarily on their cattle. During summer they walk upto and beyond 12,500 ft in the mountains and trek down on the onset of winter. Ghulam Mustafa Chopra and I started our journey from Dehradun to Sakhri on…

Amir Rizvi

The Nowhere Women A deep dive into the plight of women, especially widows from the Wadar community

The Wadar community, that has traditionally engaged in digging and excavation related work, was originally a nomadic tribe till they began to settle on the peripheries of large cities like Mumbai. Of late, the Nomadic and De notified tribe (NT-DNT) has been marginalised and faces multiple challenges. When viewed from the intersectional lens, the woes…

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