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Thousands of children need urgent psychological support in Papua New Guinea

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 25,000 children in Papua New Guinea urgently require psychological support after the country suffered multiple crippling earthquakes, the Guardian reported. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the country on February 26; nearly 200 aftershocks have occurred in the last 40 days, some of which were 6.5 magnitude. Papua New…

Urban Neurosis in Women A look at Women's Mental Health on International Women's Day

Do you experience inexplicable sadness for long periods of time? Do you find it hard to sleep or hard to get out of bed? Have you gained or lost weight suddenly? Have you lost interest in sex? Have you developed irrational but paralyzing fears? If you are an urban woman, there is a good chance…

Suicide: Risk Factors, Warning Signs and Coping Mechanisms Community Resources

When thinking of some of the most extreme things that can happen to “life”, one often thinks of death. Even though it is an important aspect of life, we refrain from talking about it. The fact is that one cannot fully live life without considering the possibility of death. However, talking about death, how and…

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