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Justice PB Sawant

EXCLUSIVE: Justice PB Sawant lays Threadbare the RSS’s Agenda Exposes the Right Wing's ultimate objective to get rid of the Constitution

In an exclusive interview to Teesta Setalvad, (Retd) Justice PB Sawant tells us why no action has been taken against Sambhaji Bhide in the Bhima Koregaon case so far. He also explains how the two sets of raids on activists and dissenting voices are a part of a wider RSS agenda to replace the Constitution…

Crackdown on Activists Politically Motivated: Justice PB Sawant Those arrested had nothing to do with Elgaar Parishad says retired SC Judge

Retired Supreme Court Justice PB Sawant calls out the government’s ploy to use the recent nationwide arrests of activists to divert attention from a huge Hindutva terror plot. In this interview with Teesta Setalvad, he also clarifies that the Elgaar Parishad was not funded by Maoists and had no Naxal links either.

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