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Judicial Custody

TN custodial death report establishes complicity of police, hospital staff and jail authorities Well executed inquiry without losing evidentiary value

The horrifying incident of the custodial death of a father and son due to torture in custody, is still fresh in people’s minds. In June, Jeyaraj (60) and Benicks (31) two shop owners in Sathankulam were taken in custody and were brutally assaulted by police personnel which eventually led to their death within 4 days.…

NCRB Reports Show Statistics on How Many Breathe Their Last in Custody A deep dive into the Board’s 2017 reports on crimes in India and prison statistics.

On October 20, the NCRB simultaneously released two of its annual reports—“Prison Statistics India 2017” and “Crime in India 2017”. The reports contain statistics collated by the Board as to the number and types of deaths occurring in judicial and police custody respectively. Here, we look into the findings from these documents. Deaths in judicial…

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