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Justice Chandrachud on Why the Constitution Matters Firebrand Supreme Court Justice denounces Mob Lynching and Criminalisation of Dissent

Supreme Court Justice D Y Chandrachud, who is best known for penning dissenting judgments in landmark cases like Aadhaar and the arrest of well-known human rights activists, (where he stated “Dissent is the Safety Valve of Democracy“), reaffirmed his fierce commitment to defending constitutional values and democratic principles, with an extraordinary speech in Mumbai. Speaking…

Being a Sycophant and Saffron is a Potent Mix When the Indian Judiciary has, faced with Authoritarian Leaders, Turned Unconstitutional

There have been moments in the past seventy years or so, when the most authoritarian governments have drawn out the most supine responses from India’s higher judiciary. Remember Justice Bhagwati’s actions during ADM Jabalpur when he not just ratified the suspension of fundamental rights by then prime minister, Indira Gandhi (Justice HR Khanna was the…

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