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फ़ादर स्टैन स्वामी: झारखंड के वे पादरी जिन्होंने लोगों को ही अपना धर्म बना लिया मानवाधिकार रक्षक का परिचय

28 अगस्त की सुबह का समय था, रांची शहर के लोग पिछले दिन की भारी बारिश के बाद खुले आसमान के नीचे दिनभर की योजना बनाते सुकून से टहल रहे रहे थे. जनप्रिय सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता फ़ादर स्टैन स्वामी के घर पर अचानक हुई छापेमारी की ख़बर से लोगों के ये सुकून भरे कदम वहीँ थम गए. …

Fr. Stan Swamy: The Jharkhand Priest who made People his Religion Human Rights Defender Profile

On the morning of August 28 just as the people of Ranchi city were waking up to a clear sky after heavy downpours in the previous days, and preparing themselves for the day’s chores, they were taken aback by the abrupt raid on the home of Father Stan Swamy, one of the city’s prominent social…


Jharkhand HC Admits Petition on Mass Incarceration of Adivasis & Dalits Youth from oppressed sections of society languishing in jail due to inordinate delays

After several preliminary hearings, the Jharkand HC has admitted the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the Persecuted Prisoners Solidarity Committee [PPSC] on under-trial prisoners in the jails of Jharkhand. Several thousands of them, mostly Adivasi and Dalit youth, who have been languishing in prison because their trials have been deliberately prolonged. If speedy trial had…

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