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Hate Watch: Dharma Sansad spews venom against Islam Doomsday rhetoric about Islam rife at religious conclave in Haryana

A conclave of ‘sants’ gathered in Haryana for a ‘dharma sansad’ on July 21-22 where they wrote a letter in blood to the Prime Minister, proposing a whole host of measures ostensibly to protect Hindu culture. Multiple controversial matters regarding Hindus and Islam in India, were discussed at the meeting, including stringent family planning measures…

The Christian Community in India 2015

by John Dayal It does not happen to “other people.” It happens to “us,” though this may not be apparent at first sight. This is the sort of saying that social-psychologists, cultural anthropologists and even environmental scientists have been stressing on a range of issues as diverse as the impact of climate change to that…

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