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Indian Muslims

India: The new Lynchdom How the fear of the 'other' drives mob violence in India

Law may not be able to make a man love him but it can keep the man from lynching him.” Martin Luther King Jr.   These words were said by Martin Luther King Jr. in the era where the racial segregation was at its peak and the African Americans targeted in the form of lynching.…

Being Muslim in India How the law and society treat you differently

This is the concluding part of KS Subramanian’s essay ‘Babri Masjid 1992 – Gujarat 2002 – Kashmir 2016: How the Sangh Parivar has wrecked India’s secular social fabric by sustained anti-minority violence’. Here the author who is a senior, retired member of the Indian Police Service-IPS, explains how systematic othering has led to marginalisation of Muslims in…


Anti-Muslim Violence in India: 15 Years Later, a Widow’s Chance to Receive Justice Zakia Jafri's complaint makes allegations against 62 government officials, police officers and private citizens.

After the mass violence that shook Gujarat, India, in the early months of 2002, a shockingly high level of impunity caused Indian statutory bodies like the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to make scathing indictments on the state executive’s malfeasance—which continues to be a festering sore for the majoritarian juggernaut that is the Narendra Modi…

Mob Lynching

Muslims Are Facing Violent Crackdowns in India Endangering the livelihoods—and the lives—of Indian Muslims.

It is not every day that one of India’s foremost constitutional experts takes the bull by its horns and issues a dire warning. Fali Nariman directly challenged India’s prime minister Narendra Modi about whether the appointment of Adityanath, a yogi, as chief minister of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that saw the supremacist BJP…

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