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विशेष! आवाज़ दबाने का षडयंत्र: भीमा कोरेगांव केस के प्रथम शिकार, दलित प्रवासी कामगार 10 महीने के बाद भी पुरुष जेल में क़ैद हैं और उनकी पत्नियाँ न्याय के लिए दर दर भटक रही हैं.

12 जनवरी, 2018 को, पुणे में भीमा कोरेगांव एल्गार परिषद कार्यक्रम के दो हफ्ते बाद, महाराष्ट्र पुलिस के आतंकवाद विरोधी दल (एटीएस) ने रिलायंस इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर के चार श्रमिकों, एक ठेकेदार और एक अनियत श्रमिक को उठा लिया. गिरफ्तारी से पहले घंटों तक देर रात झोपड़पट्टी में उनके घरों पर छापा मारा गया था. एक दिन…

UP police

Sukalo & Kismatiya: Allahabad HC Sets Release in Motion CJP and AIUFWP’s persistent efforts lead to Adivasi HRDs being produced in court

In a significant breakthrough in CJP and All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP)’s campaign to release Adivasi Human Rights Defenders Sukalo and Kismatiya Gond, the Allahabad High Court has allowed both women to seek ‘judicial remedy’. AIUFWP Treasurer Sukalo and Forest Rights Committee (FRC) Secretary Kismatiya Gond, were produced before the court on September 7 due to a Habeas Corpus…

Mixture of Innocuous and Publicly Available Facts and Baseless Fabrication: Sudha Bharadwaj Activist-lawyer gives Fitting Reply to Fake Letter circulated by Pune Cops

Decrying the willful campaign of misinformation launched by the State in a bid to justify the nationwide crackdown on human rights activists and dissenting voices, social activist and advocate Sudha Bharadwaj has hit back at the Pune Police for circulating a letter full of falsehoods. The said letter that was released to the press was…

Free Sokalo and Kismatiya NOW CJP and AIUFWP move Allahabad HC

Sokalo Gond (Treasurer of AIUFWP) and Kismatiya Gond (Secretary, Forest Rights Committee), were arrested from Chopan station, Sonbhadra on June 8. CJP and AIUFWP have moved Allahabad High Court to release illegally detained Adivasis. Watch this video to know more:

Hostile State Machinery Targets Dalits in Maharashtra People Fight Back as Combing Operations and Illegal Detentions intensify

Following the attack on Dalits gathered at Bhima Koregaon on January 1, 2018 and the subsequent statewide ‘bandh’, there has been a spurt in combing operations where police raid Dalit bastis, search homes and round up men, often youngsters. Activists say thousands of people have been illegally detained in this manner and are currently languishing in…

Human Rights Under the Modi Regime Teesta Setalvad delivers the K.G. Kannabiran Memorial Lecture (16.11.2016)

The timing of this lecture could not have been more prophetic. A nationwide debate on an ‘undeclared emergency’ in terms of basic freedoms – the right to know, the right to express, challenge and question executive authority has been shaping up, culminating in the outcry over not just the one day ban on NDTV India…

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