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hostile witness

Justice Done, Delhi HC Reads into evidence of ‘hostile witnesses’, convicts husband on charges of dowry driven murder Delhi High Court's judgment analysed

Judgment Primer: New precedent for cases with hostile witnesses Salek Ram Vs. State of NCT Delhi and ors. High Court of Delhi at New Delhi: Justice G.S.Sistani And Justice Chander Shekhar Date of judgment (pronounced): Nov ember 20, 2019 Delivered by: Justice G.S.Sistani Introduction: Witness turning hostile is the biggest nightmare for the prosecution of…

Lack of Witnesses in Sohrabuddin case

Lack of Witnesses Protection Derailing Justice in Sohrabuddin case? Over 90 Hostile Witnesses and One Dead Judge, cry out for major Criminal Justice Reforms

What the trial in the case of alleged extra-judicial killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kausar Bi has taught us, is that there is an urgent need for witness protection in criminal cases where powerful perpetrators often have the ability to change the outcome of the trial in their own favour. What started with…

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