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Watch: Re-verification notices spark panic in Assam, SC order violated? Assam NRC process causes chaos

Thousands of re-verification notices have been served in lower Assam summoning people for hearings, virtually overnight, in places as much as 600 kilometers away. Apart from being in clear violation of the July 23, 2019 order of the Supreme Court that turned down the state and center’s demand for such re-verification, poor access to transportation…

CJP volunteers intervene to help people with the NRC process in Assam Volunteers on the ground help with hearings, submitting documents

CJP’s volunteers have been working tirelessly on the ground in Assam, helping families in the aftermath of the publication of the final draft of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC). The NRC has left the Indian citizenship of millions in jeopardy. Here is a glimpse at our volunteers’ efforts.  Faruk Ahmed, community volunteer in Assam’s…

CJP relentless in its efforts to protect Indians’ citizenship in Assam Volunteer Motivators help people across state with hearing process

The hearing process for the 36.2 lakh claimants who were dropped from the final draft of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) started on February 15. The hearing process is underway all over the state, in 1,436 venues where 2,806 officials have been deputed for the tough job as per the official communiqué from the…

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