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Laws in the time of Corona Some laws which are helping the administration in containing the spread of the virus

As the Covid-19 pandemic claims new lives everyday and fresh cases emerge in different states, certain laws and legal provisions can enable a system to be put in place to best manage the fragile and fast deteriorating situation. Here’s a look at some such laws and how they can help the administration check the spread…

ASHA’s from across Maharashtra Gather in Mumbai Demanding government's attention and better pay

Recognised as Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), these women are suffering because despite their hard work and critical role in improving the health and hygiene of people in villages across India they are not recognized as government employees and are grossly underpaid. Barring a few states, ASHA workers do not get fixed salaries, but incentives…

Universal Health Coverage Day 2017

December 12, 2017 is Universal Health Coverage Day; this year is the five-year anniversary of the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that underscores health as a key factor in international development, and calls on governments to make progress on ensuring that all people can access quality, affordable healthcare. Universal health coverage…

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