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Mumbai With Farmers

Thousands in Mumbai march in solidarity with Indian Famers CJP is proud to stand by the farmers of India

Several organisations and civil society groups came together under the banner of ‘Kisan Alliance Morcha’ in support of the farmers’ agitation against the new farm laws in Mumbai, questioning the need for the new Farm Laws. Related: Hundreds Of Adivasi Activists Gather To Protest Against Farm Laws

When will we give women farmers their due? CJI's recent comments call for a closer look at women’s contribution to Indian agriculture

“Women farmers do most of the work in the fields. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the men everyday and so while protesting against the three farm Acts passed by the central government, we will not back down,” said farmer Nikita Kakra from Shahapur city in Maharashtra on January 13, 2021, when asked about the Chief Justice…

Why is a private member Bill of 2018 relevant to the farmers today? It seeks guaranteed remunerative MSP, regulated costs, grievance mechanism and compensation

Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) chief and former Member of Parliament Raju Shetti has said that the farmers and the Union can reach a consensus only if the Prime Minister guarantees a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers to cushion them from unexpected calamities and volatile market changes. SSS is one of the prominent unions under…

farm bills and FRA conversation

फार्म बिल का विरोध और वन अधिकार: एक वार्तालाप कृषि कानून, उसका विरोध और वन अधिकार

CJP सचिव तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ ने AIUFWP के महासचिव अशोक चौधरी, उप सचिव रोमा मलिक, AIUFWP नेताओं और फार्म बिल पर वन निवासियों के साथ एक लंबी एवं विस्तृत बातचीत की, जिसमे विरोध प्रदर्शन और वन अधिकारों और उनकी ऐतिहासिक प्रासंगिकता के सम्बन्ध में चर्चा हुई. Related: AIUFWP और वन आश्रित समुदाय ने किसान विरोधी कानून…

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