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27 deaths later, it’s time to wake up Assam and the detention camps menace claims 27 lives till date

The detention camps in Assam are in 6 locations and are housed in makeshift facilities in District Jails. In the past 9 years, 27 deaths have taken place of detainees in Assam. CJP had first accessed a list of the all those who have died in Assam’s dreaded detention camps. In this list published as…

NCRB Reports Show Statistics on How Many Breathe Their Last in Custody A deep dive into the Board’s 2017 reports on crimes in India and prison statistics.

On October 20, the NCRB simultaneously released two of its annual reports—“Prison Statistics India 2017” and “Crime in India 2017”. The reports contain statistics collated by the Board as to the number and types of deaths occurring in judicial and police custody respectively. Here, we look into the findings from these documents. Deaths in judicial…

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