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Climate Change

UN official calls for stemming biodiversity loss

“The loss of biodiversity is a silent killer,” Cristiana Pasca Palmer, executive secretary of the United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), has told the Guardian, adding, “It’s different from climate change, where people feel the impact in everyday life. With biodiversity, it is not so clear but by the time you feel what is…

Over 110 million people displaced due to weather events between 2012-16

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released its Frontiers 2017 report earlier this month at the United Nations Environment Assembly. According to the report, 41 million were displaced due to conflict between 2012 and 2016. Meanwhile, 117 million people were displaced due to “weather-related disasters” in that same period. For example, the report notes that, since…

One Planet Summit 2017

On December 12, 2017, two years after the Paris Climate Change Agreement was adopted, world leaders, governments, and representatives of civil society and the private sector are convening in Paris for the One Planet Summit. The summit is aimed at setting in motion initiatives that will facilitate in increasing “financial flows” into developing countries. Among…

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