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Petition against Assam’s Detention Camps in SC

Assam Detention Camps: At least 10 people released in compliance with SC order People released from Goalpara, Kokrajhar and possibly even Tezpur

Amidst the gloom and uncertainty in the run up to the publication of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, there is a ray of hope for some. At least 10, possibly 13 people including one woman, have been released from detention camps as per the provisions of a Supreme Court order passed earlier this year. Earlier this year,…

Rashminara Begum

Jailed in Detention Camp despite being Pregnant with one child and Breastfeeding another EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rashminara Begum from Assam

In an exclusive interview with Rashminara Begum, we find out how this young mother was dragged away to a detention camp even though she was pregnant with one child and breastfeeding another. She also shares intricate details of her case, the inhumane conditions that she faced in the detention camp and the extreme hardships that…

Bengali Hindu dies

Another Bengali Hindu dies in an Assam Detention Camp 70 year old used to sell snacks by the street side before being declared foreigner

70 year old Amrit Das became the latest example of what some people in Assam are beginning to call a 3D death. He was first pronounced a D-Voter. Then a Foreigners’ Tribunal ruled that he was a Declared Foreigner and finally he died in a Detention Camp. This is the 43rd such death in the state.   A resident…

Rashminara Begum

Pregnant in a detention camp The tale of Rashminara Begum

Rashminara Begum was declared a ‘foreigner’, arrested and put in a detention camp in Assam, while she was three months pregnant. Inside, she faced horrific experiences. She is fighting a tedious and prolonged battle in the courts to prove her citizenship. She was recently in Mumbai to attend a CJP event on ‘women prisoners’.  …

Handcuffed in hospital, Assam man fights for his life Ratan Chandra Biswas spent 2.5 years in a detention camp

Illegally framed as a “foreigner”, Ratan Chandra Biswas, is handcuffed in the Goalpara hospital Civil Hospital, battling for his life. Emaciated and shivering, his condition is bitter testimony to the ghastly conditions in Assam’s six detention camps, where over 2,000 persons are estimated to be incarcerated. Guwahati, November 4: Ratan Chandra Biswas, framed as a…

Assam police

Pregnant and Helpless in a Detention Camp The Making and Re-Making of Indians as Citizens in Assam: A CJP Series

This story is a part of our series on people in Assam who have been declared foreigners after an allegedly flawed and arbitrary process of determining citizenship. Even as the final list of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is all set to be disclosed on June 30, 2018, thousands of people have had their…

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