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EXCLUSIVE: NRC update derails Saffron Agenda as lakhs of Hindus excluded from final draft Higher Rate of Exclusion from NRC in Bengali Hindu dominated Districts of Assam

Assam has 33 Districts presently, of which 10 districts have a more than 50% Muslim population. However, other than Darrang, all other, nine, Muslim dominated districts of Assam are seeing lower percentage drop rates from the NRC draft list as compared to other Districts with a lesser Muslim population… This overall situation has created trepidation,…

Gauhati HC order on Siblings and family members of Declared Foreigners

Who is an Indian, can the NRC decide? From the Secretary's Desk

To dub the process of collating the final draft of the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC), released on July 30, as bizarre, haphazard, or just plain bureaucratic and insensate is simply not enough. The very fact that 4 million plus of residents of the state did not make the list is surely indication enough of…

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