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Christmas as a symbol of Democracy John Dayal on Christmas in 2017

It could have been said a long time ago, but Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India was not too late in saying the faith of the Christian community has become shaky in the wake of increased attacks on Christians and members of the clergy. There was more he could…

Christmas Gifts!

One of the most meaningful features of the Christmas Season is that of gift-giving! Across the globe, people love to give gifts at Christmas to others – and of course to receive gifts too! Gifts come in a whole range: from the inexpensive yet lovingly hand-made card to perhaps a gold-crusted diamond purchased from an…

The Christian Community in India 2015

by John Dayal It does not happen to “other people.” It happens to “us,” though this may not be apparent at first sight. This is the sort of saying that social-psychologists, cultural anthropologists and even environmental scientists have been stressing on a range of issues as diverse as the impact of climate change to that…

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