Citizens for Justice and Peace

Bombay 1992

Another Victory for CJP

CJP in Action: Hate Watch CJP builds on its long legacy of fighting hate

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) was founded in April 2002, in response to the massacre in Gujarat. Born out of the desire to stop hatred, CJP was founded on the constitutional values of harmony, dialogue, and understanding between all sections of Indians. Our campaign against hatred and hate speech is an effort to bring…

Bombay Riots

Never Again: How Mumbai was systematically torn apart during the Bombay Riots A Peace Initiative by CJP

Mumbai was a city taken back from the sea by hard working men and women. It was the city of dreams… till it all fell apart and went up in flames. Perhaps it is time to learn from the past and take action today to prevent communal tension from breaking out and reducing our Mumbai…

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