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Hate Speech Rules the Day Join Our Campaign Against Hate Speech

A report released on April 25, 2018 by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) says that the BJP leads the pack when it comes to members who have police complaints of hate speech filed against them. Join Our Campaign Against Hate Speech Understand what constitutes Hate Speech How Hate Builds  

Gujarat Riots

फिरोज़ाबाद में शांति भंग करने की कोशिश नाकाम पुलिस ने किया भाजपा का पर्दाफाश

उत्तर प्रदेश के फ़िरोज़ाबाद में भाजपा के युवा नेताओं द्वारा दंगा भड़काने और शान्ति भंग करने की कोशिश पुलिस ने नाकाम की. इसका सबक सिखाने के लिए जब पुलिस पर ही हमला किया गया तब जिला प्रशासन और पुलिस के आला अधिकारियों ने कारवाई करते हुए, दोषिओं को गिरफ्तार कर लिया – तब मौके पर…

Harmony of the Hills Why the Baba Budhan Giri issue mirrors the Ayodhya Dispute

Baba Budan Giri is also known as the Babri of the south. This beautiful film explores the story and charts out the struggle of memory against forgetting. As the Babri Masjid issue is being heard by the Supreme Court, CJP looks at other, similar, cynical, politically motivated disputes that put the Ram Janma Bhoomi movement…

CJP Stands with Dalits Join our campaign to stop the unlawful targeting of Dalits

Citizens for Justice and Peace stands with the Dalits of Maharashtra. CJP has met the Commissioner of Police along with other groups to demand an immediate halt to combing operations all over Maharashtra. We are also preparing a legal intervention in the Bombay High Court against this crackdown. Join us in our campaign.  

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