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Help CJP protect the citizenship of Indians in Assam Assam NRC

Over 500 of CJP’s volunteers have been working tirelessly across 18 of the worst affected districts of Assam, helping people navigate the difficult and often incomprehensible NRC process. We are also helping those whose citizenship is being questioned before Foreigners’ Tribunals. This is significant in light of the recent submission of the Ministry of Home…

Facebook looks away as hate speech multiplies : Equality Labs According to Equality Labs' “Facebook India: Towards the tipping point in violence, caste and religious hate speech."

Equality Labs produced a report concerning hate speech on facebook during 2018 and It reveals disturbingly real threats that facebook content presents to an estimated 300 million Indian caste, religious, gender, and queer minorities both in India and abroad. Without urgent intervention, they fear that India will see hate speech weaponized into a trigger for…

तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ पर मुक़दमों की झड़ी का ख़ुलासा Coming Soon

आखिर सरकार तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ पर इतनी मेहरबान क्यों है? क्यों करती रहती है मुक़दमों की पुष्प-वर्षा? हर अड़चनों को फलांद कर ज़किया जाफ़री के साथ तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ का सुप्रीम कोर्ट तक का सफर, केवल उड़ती ख़बर पर

GST a Looming Issue What GST has done to the Traditional Weavers in Karnataka

There has been a lot of debate in the media over the anomalies and imperfections of GST. Almost a year down the line, not many have paid attention to what GST has done to the grass root workers and small scale industries in different corners of the country. The weaving industry in the Bhagyanagar village…

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