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Assam Suicide

Assam: Suicide fearing loss of Citizenship Assam NRC

In the last few years, the Kafkaesque process of determining citizenship has created unprecedented stress and apprehension in millions of people in Assam. From the state election commission marking D-voter arbitrarily, to possible incarceration in Detention Camps, non transparent working of Foreigner Tribunals and political and bureaucratic meddling in the NRC process, the crisis of…

Objection raised against inclusion in NRC, man found dead in Assam Family alleges suicide

In a heartbreaking instance of man succumbing to hopelessness, Ashrab Ali, a 93 year old man, was found dead in Assam’s Kamrup district after someone filed an objection application against the inclusion of his name in the National Register of Citizens (NRC). His family alleges he committed suicide by consuming poison.   “His name was…

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