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Rights when Arrested

Know Your Rights on being Arrested A video explainer on your rights when you have been arrested by the Police

What happens when you are arrested? Is it absolutely necessary for the Police to arrest you? What happens after the arrest? What are the procedures that are not followed? What is your rights on Arrest. Watch CJP’s new video to understand your rights when you have been arrested by the Police. To read or watch…

House Arrest: A window of opportunity A factsheet on is history, relevance and use, especially when it comes to political prisoners

House arrest which is also known as home detention, refers to home confinement or electronic monitoring. It is one of the official methods to restrain the movement of an individual by confining the movement of the person to the residence.     Related: Sign CJP’s petition to release political prisoners A prison without bars or…

Shocking provisions of the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill Here's how the draconian legislation can be misused

The Bihar Special Armed Police Bill caused a rather unprecedented uproar amongst the opposition parties in the Bihar Assembly during and after the passage of the Bill. While the opposing legislators demonstrated their resistance towards the Bill for giving unbridled powers to a police force, the police responded in a rather brutal manner, dragging opposing…

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