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Aadhar Judgement

Linking Aadhaar to Social Media From public welfare distribution to surveillance?

The State on numerous occasions has tried to impose the use of the Aadhaar card upon the citizens. While, the Supreme Court has upheld a few of such mandates of the State, the question of whether the imposition is valid on few other services keeps coming up before the Courts of the land vide myriad…

Activists say Aadhar Verdict is a Disappointment CJP in conversation with Sucheta Dalal and Raghu Godavar

In this video activists Raghu Godavar and senior journalist Sucheta Dalal respond to the Aadhar judgement, they called it a partial victory. Watch this video to know more.     Related: SC upholds Aadhaar’s Constitutional Validity, but partially addresses Privacy Concerns Twinkle-twinkle little star, why do nursery kids need Aadhaar? Understanding the Aadhaar Case Aadhaar…

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