Citizens for Justice and Peace

Supreme Court – NHRC Order 02-04-2004

02, Apr 2004

W.P(Crl.)No. 109 OF 2003


ITEM No.24            Court No. 1               SECTION PIL





Writ Petition(Crl.) No. 109/2003






STATE OF GUJARAT & ORS.                   Respondent (s)


( With Appln(s). for intervention. and exemption from filing O.T. and directions and office report)

(with Crl.MP Nos. 3740-3742/2004 for directions)

(with Note dated 27.2.2004 submitted by learned AC with regard to entrusting the Union of India with the responsibility of providing appropriate protection to all the witnesses involved in the major trials in the State of Gujarat (including the Bilkis’ case) in the manner in which they consider appropriate including wherever necessary by

resort to the Central Forces)



T.P.(Crl.) Nos.194-202/2003 & 326-329/2003

(National Human Rights Commission vs. State of Gujarat & ors.)

(with appln.(s) for stay and exemption from filing copies of FIR and permission to place additional documents and impleading party and permission to place addl. Documents on record and stay and office report),


W.P(Crl.)No.D17953/2003 (Umed Singh Gulia vs. Union of India & Anr.)

(with office report),


SLP(Crl.)No.3770/2003 (Citizens for Justice & Peace & Ors. vs. State of Gujarat & Ors.) (with appln.(s) for filing additional facts and documents and directions and

permission to file addl. Facts and documents on record and office report)

(alongwith letter of Mr. Harish N Salve, Sr. Adv.(AC),


SLP(C) No. 7951/2002 (Viraj Tra Desai vs. State of Gujarat & Ors.) (with appln.(s) for exemption from filing c/c of the impugned judgment and permission to place addl.

documents on record),


WP(Crl.) Nos. 11-15/2003 (Aleque Padamsee & Ors. vs. Union of India & Ors.) (with appln.(s) for permission to submit additional documents and directions and office

report) (alongwith records of WP(C) Nos. 530/02 and 221/02),


WP(C) No. 310/1996 (Prakash Singh & Ors. vs. U O I & Ors.) (with office report),


SLP(Crl.) No. 4409/2003 (Yusufkhan Muradkhan Pathan vs. State of Gujarat & Ors.)

(with appln.(s) for stay and office report),


WP(Crl.) No. 216/2003 (Yusufkhan Muradkhan Pathan vs. State of Gujarat),


TP(Crl.) Nos. 66-72/2004 (Citizens for Justice & Peace & Ors. vs. State of Gujarat& Ors.) (with appln.(s) for permission to file TP and ex-parte stay and directions)



Date : 02/04/2004 These Petitions were called on for hearing today.









Amicus Curiae      Mr. Harish N Salve, Sr. Adv.

Ms. Meenakshi Sakhardande, Adv.

Mr. Sidhhartha Choudhary, Adv.

Ms. Aparjita Singh, Adv.

Mr. Bhargava V Desai, Adv.

Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Singh, Adv.

Mr. Pradeep Kr. Malik, Adv.

Ms. Gayatri Goswami, Adv.



For Petitioner (s)

in WP 109 &

TP 194-202 &

326-329/03          Mr. T R Andhyarujina, Sr. Adv.

Mr. S. Muralidhar,Adv.

Mr. Somiran Sharma, Adv.

Mr. Amit Sharma, Adv.


in WPD17953       In person.(NP)


in SLP 3770       Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Sr. Adv.

Ms. Aparna Bhat, Adv.

Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Adv.


in SLP 7951         M/s. J S Wad & Co., Advs.(NP)


in WP(Crl.) 11-15  Mr. Mihir Desai, Adv.

Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Adv.


in WP 310/96       Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Adv.

Er. Anil Kumar Mittal, Adv.


in SLP(Crl.) 4409 & Mr.Kapil Sibal, Sr. Adv.

WP(Crl.) 216       Mr. Huzefa Ahmadi, Adv.

Mr. Ejaz Maqbool, Adv.

Mr. Nakul Dewan, Adv.

Mr. Abhimeet Sinha, Adv.

Ms. Minakshi Nag, Adv.

Mr. Gourav Kejriwal, Adv.



in TP(Crl.)66-72    Mr. Anil B Divan, Sr. Adv.

Ms. Aparna Bhat, Adv.

Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Adv.


For Respondent (s)

Union of India    Mr. Kirit N Raval, Solicitor General

Mr. Raju Ramachandran, ASG

Ms. Sushma Suri, Adv.

Mr. A Mariarputham, Adv.

Mr. Prateek Jalan, Adv.

Mr.Rajeev Sharma, Adv.

Mr. Amit Mahajan, Adv.

Mr.Saurabh Kirpal, Adv.


State of Gujarat    Mr. Mukul Rohtagi, Addl. Solicitor


Ms. Hemantika Wahi,Adv.

Ms. Archna Palkar, Adv.


in TP(Crl.)194-202&


Ms. Aparna Bhat, Adv.


Mr. K T S Tulsi, Sr. Adv.

Mr. Lalit Chauhan, Adv.

Mr. Sumit Goel, Adv.

Mr. P H Parekh, Adv.

for P H Parekh & Co., Advs.


Ms. Nitya Ramakrishnan, Adv.

Ms. Anita Shenoy, Adv.

Mr. Shiladitya Rakshit, Adv


Dr. Kailash Chand, Adv.


Mr. Sushil Kumar, Sr. Adv.

Mr. Adolf Mathew, Adv.

Mr. Vinay Arora, Adv.

Mr. Sanjay Jain, Adv.


Mr. Sushil Kumar, Sr. Adv.

Mr. Vinod Gajjar, Adv.

Mr. Nikhil Goel, Adv.

Mr. Dilip Trivedi, Adv.

Mr. S N Bhat, Adv.

Dr. Kailash Chand, Adv.

Mr. Rashmikumar Nanilal Vithlani, Adv.


Mr. Huzefa Ahmadi, Adv.

Mr. Ejaz Maqbool, Mr. M T M Hakim, Mr.

Md. Faruq

A Kharadi, Mr. A Razak A Hasan, Mr.

Ishak I Kharadi,

Mr. Nakul Dewan, Mr. Abhimeet Sinha, Ms.                   Minakshi Nag and Mr. Gourav Kejriwal,



R.Nos.2-22 in       Mr. K T S Tulasi, Sr. Adv.

SLP 3770            Mr. Lalit Chauhan, Adv.

Mr. Sameer Parekh, Adv.

for M/s. P H Parekh & Co., Advs.


in WP(Crl.)11-15    Mr. Ravindra K Adsure, Adv.

Mr. V N Raghupathy, Adv.


in WP 310

Mr. P Parmeswaran, Adv.


State of Assam            Mr. Sanjay Choudhary, Adv.

Mr. Niraj Kumar, Adv.

for Corporate Law Group, Advs.


State of Andhra          Mr. T V Ratnam, Adv.

Pradesh                   Mr. K Subba Rao, Adv.

Ms. O S G Prasuna, Adv.


State of Chhattisgarh     Ms. Suparna Srivastava, Adv.

Mr. Rajesh Srivastava, Adv.


State of Goa              Ms. A Subhashini, Adv.


State of Haryana          Mr. Praveen Kumar Rai, Adv.

Ms. Kavita Wadia, Adv.


State of H.P.              Mr. J S Attri, Adv.


State of J & K             Mr. Anis Suhrawardy, Adv.


State of Karnataka        Mr. Sanjay R Hegde, Adv.


State of Manipur          Mr. KH Nobin Singh, Adv.


State of Meghalaya        Mr. Ranjan Mukherjee, Adv.


State of Maharashtra      Mr. Ravindra K Adsure, Adv.

Mr. Mukesh K Giri, Adv.

State of M.P.             Mr. Sakesh Singh, Adv.

Mr. Satish K Agnihotri, Adv.


State of Nagaland        Mr. U Hazarika, Adv.

Ms. Sumita Hazarika, Adv.


State of Orissa            Mr.Jana Kalyan Das, Adv.


State of Punjab            Mr. Sarup Singh, Sr. Adv. Genl.

Mr. R S Suri, Adv.


State of Rajasthan       Mr. Aruneshwar Gupta, Addl. Adv.


Mr. Jog Singh, Adv.

Mr. Amarjit Singh Bedi, Adv.

Ms. Sandhya Goswami, Adv.(NP)


State of Sikkim            Mr. A Mariarputham, Adv.

Ms. Aruna Mathur, Adv.

For M/s. Arputham, Aruna & Co.,



State of TN               Mr. R Ayyam Perumal, Adv.

Mr. S Vallinayagam, Adv.

Mr. Subramonium Prasad,Adv.


Mr. H K Puri, Adv.

Mr. Ujjwal Banerjee, Adv.

Mr. S K Puri, Adv.

Mr. Shiv Gupta, Adv.


Mr. K R Nagaraja, Adv.


Mr. Shri Narain, Adv.

Mr. Sandeep Narain, Adv.

Ms. Anjali Jha, Adv.

for S Narain & Co., Advs.

(in IA 3/99)


Mr. S Ravindra Bhat, Adv.


Ms. Revathy Raghavan, Adv.


For Petitioner (s)

in intervention/

impleadment petns

in WP 109.                Mr. C D Singh, Adv.

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh, Adv.


Dr. Nafis A Siddiqui, Adv.


Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Adv.

Ms. Naghma Imtiaz, Adv.

Mr. Kamran Malik, Adv.

Mr. V N Raghupathy, Adv.


in TP 194-202

& 326-329                  Ms. Aparna Bhat, Adv.

Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Adv.



UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following



WP(Crl.) No. 109/2003 and SLP(Crl.) No. 3770/2003


List these matters immediately after the judgment is pronounced in the criminal appeal filed by the State of Gujarat against the judgment of the High Court in Best Bakery Case.


Crl.M.P. Nos. 3740-3742/2004 in WP(Crl.) No. 109/2003, TP(Crl.) Nos. 194-202/2003 & 326-329/2003, TP(Crl.) No. 66-72/2004 and WP(Crl.) Nos. 11-15/2003


List these matters on 21st April, 2004. Learned Additional Solicitor General appearing for the State of Gujarat prays for and is allowed two weeks’ time to file a response to three IAs filed by Amicus Curiae.


It is understood that on that day these matters would be finally heard.


WP(Crl.) No. D17953/2003, SLP(C) No. 7951/2002, WP(C) No 310/1996, SLP(Crl.) No. 4409/2003 and WP(Crl.) No. 216/2003




(D.P. WALIA)                         (JANKI BHATIA)

COURT MASTER                          COURT MASTER



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