Stripping of Dalit family at Dankaur in UP: A clear case of police atrocity on Dalits

13, Oct 2015

13 October, 2015
The UP administration and the SP megaphones were orchestrating that the Dalits’ stripping incident in Dankaur last week as a conspiracy hatched by the saffron brigade to shame the Akhilesh government. Is there any shame left with Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son?
Though the UP government just cannot abdicate its responsibility totally, this sort of argument in respect of the earlier communal rioting in Muzaffarpur and the recent beef-lynching in Dadri did certainly carry some weight. But there was neither Ghar Wapsi nuisance nor any beef conflict on 6th Oct in the village Atta Gujraan about 5 km from Dankaur. Blaming RSS and BJP for the stripping of Dalits at Dankaur will not sell. Please give the devils their due share.
The pics and videos of the Dalit family were shared on social media and the matter was also given coverage by the print and electronic media.
Media persons also visited the village of Atta Gujraan around 5 kms from Dankaur, which is home to the Dalit family. There they met Sunil Gautam’s (the man in the photos and videos) family members, his neighbours as well as eye witness to the actual incident in Dankaur town. They also tried to locate the person who had taken the photos and the video and subsequently circulated them over social media.


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