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Harish Iyer
Cyrus Guzder

CJP is committed to the Rule of Law Words of Support from Cyrus Guzder

Cyrus J. Guzder began his career in 1967 with ICICI, before moving to AFL Private Limited, then known as Airfreight Limited, in 1969. Since 1985, he has been the organisation’s Chairman and Managing Director. For 25 years till 2001, he also headed the DHL Worldwide Express operations in India, then a 100% owned business division of…

Kanhaiya Kumar
sagaarika ghose
Mukul Kesavan

CJP and Teesta walk the talk Words of Support from Mukul Kesavan

Historian and political essayist Mukul Kesavan is known for his intrepid and often hilarious takes on what transpires on the Indian political landscape. Here he speaks about how CJP and Teesta Setalvad have always gone beyond mere tokenism and actually been in the line of fire for speaking truth to power.

sanjay tickoo
Prashant bhushan

Setalvad has fought many valiant battles for Communally Oppressed and Downtrodden : Prashant Bhushan

” The Preamble talks about Justice. Unfortunately in this country most citizens are not able to get justice, not even justice in the traditional sense, nor economic justice or political justice. It talks about equality, this country is facing the greatest inequality this world has ever seen with a few individuals at the top enjoying…

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