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Ayodhya Dispute: Give Peace a Chance Sign this online petition supporting our intervention in the Supreme Court

Citizens for Justice and Peace and several prominent Indians, from different walks of life, have filed a petition in the Supreme Court to intervene in the Ayodhya dispute case. We believe that this is neither a property dispute, nor a Hindu vs Muslim issue but a matter that affects the very soul of India. A…

CJP Targeted A Comprehensive Account of Every Time our team has been Harassed and Bullied

Recently two TV news channels labeled CJP Secretary Teesta Setalvad “anti-Hindu” due to her commitment to secularism and human rights related work with religious minorities. This prompted CJP to move NHRC, as such irresponsible and malicious reportage puts a virtual bull’s eve on Setalvad’ back and endangers her life. But this is not the first…

justice in the Naroda Patiya Massacre

The 2004 Best Bakery Judgement and Its Significance Zahira Habibullah Sheikh v/s State of Gujarat, Delivered by the Supreme Court of India, April 12, 2004

Out of the miseries of the Gujarat carnage of 2002, thanks to the courage of the survivors and the tenacious work of the CJP core legal team, has emerged path-breaking jurisprudence on state accountability, victimology and witness protection. Thirteen years after the Supreme Court (SC) delivered the famed Best Bakery verdict, this judgement remains among…

Justice for the Incarcerated Tribals of Jharkand PIL against fake FIRs and false cases against Adivasis

The petition filed by Stan Swamy and others, after a detailed fact finding in Jharkand seeks to enforce the fundamental right to speedy trials of the ignorant and deprived members of the indigenous / downtrodden communities from the scheduled tribes and scheduled castes and other backward classes of Jharkhand facing trials in the courts. Over…

Amir Rizvi

Genesis of the Zakia Jafri Case Part 1 of a Four Part Exclusive Interview with Senior Advocate Mihir Desai

Zakia Jafri lost her husband, Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, in the Gulberg Society carnage that took place during the post-Godhra genocide in Gujarat in 2002. Zakia and Ehsan were sheltering their neighbours from a violent mob during the attack. Ehsan stepped out to plead with the mob for mercy for the people he was sheltering.…

Zaki Jafri, Teesta Setalvad

How the Supreme Court Dealt with the Zakia Jafri Case Part 2 of a Four Part Exclusive Interview with Senior Advocate Mihir Desai

In the second part of the a four part interview, senior counsel , Mihir Desai explains how the Supreme Court deals with the complicated issues in the Zakia Jafri case, given the enormity of evidence. After the Supreme Court remands the case back to the Magistrate (September 12, 2011), Zakia Jafri is given the right…

Mihir Desai, Senior Lawyer

Evidence Unearthed in the Zakia Jafri Case Part 3 of a Four Part Interview with Senior Advocate Mihir Desai

In the third of the four part interview, senior counsel, Mihir Desai traces the wealth of evidence that indicates the chain of command responsibility and criminal conspiracy behind the genocidal carnage in Gujarat 2002. He also explains how the evidence of Sanjiv Bhatt was never a pillar of either the criminal complaint files by Zakia…

Legal Technicalities in the Zakia Zafri Case Part 4 of a Four Part Interview with Senior Advocate Mihir Desai

Senior counsel, Mihir Desai explains how two FIRs can be filed in matters of grave crimes and how courts have approached the issue of larger conspiracy. How far has the High Court gone in its judgement of 5th October, 2017? The High Court has not analysed or examined this evidence.

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