RSS mouthpiece justifies Dadri killing

18, Oct 2015

NEW DELHI: Oct 17, 2015,DHNS:
RSS mouthpiece “Panchajanya” has said in its latest edition that the Vedas order killing of those who kill cows as it involves a question of life and death for many Hindus.
The saying came three weeks after the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh over rumours of consuming beef. The incident snowballed into a major controversy.
The “Panchajanya” article justified Akhlaq’s lynching saying it was a “natural reaction” to the “sin” of cow slaughter.
“Veda Ka Adesh Hai Ki Gau Hatya Karne Wale Pataki Ke Pran Le Lo. Hum Mein Se Bahuton Ke Liye To Yah Jivan-Maran Ka Prashn Hai (It is an order from the Vedas to take away life of the sinner who kills a cow. It is a matter of life and death for many of us),” the article , titled ‘Is Utpat ke Us paar’ (The other side of this disturbance), said.


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