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Right-wing leaders are real traitors: former Bajrang Dal leader Mahendra Kumar News

01, Mar 2020 | SC GM

Mangaluru: Former Bajrang Dal leader Mahendra Kumar has said that the entire Amulya Leona episode has
made the right-wing happy.
Delivering a key-note address at an anti-CAA, NRC and NPR protest, organised by Samvidhana
Samrakshana Samiti at Mandani Nagar Kutthar Mahendra Kumar said that when Amulya shouted
‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at an anti-CAA protest rally recently in Bengaluru, the RSS leaders had felt happy
thinking that they got a new weapon to suppress the protests.

“The right-wing members have branded Amulya as ‘Pakistani Agent’. They are opposing her not because of
any concern for the nation. They are creating noise because they want to portray themselves as patriots,” he
said terming the right-wing members as the ‘real traitors’.
He further added that every time a Hind girl is raped, molested or assaulted by a person from another
community, the leaders of the fringe groups feel happy as they get an opportunity to blame the other
“Hindu leaders who are enjoying political and social power, never allow lower caste people to come to
power. The intention of implementing CAA, NRC, NPR is a hidden agenda of dividing the country in the
name of religion,” he added.
Human Rights activist Teesta Setalwad being a chief guest at the programme termed NRC as a dangerous
face of politics.
“The government, that is unable to give employment to its people is only trying to divide the country using
the unconstitutional activities. People should launch non-cooperation movement every time the
government takes unconstitutional steps in the pretext of safeguarding the country,” she stressed.
Another human right activist Shivasundar informed that the procedures connected to NPR should be
stopped immediately as it is the rst step to implement NRC. ” We will never allow the Muslim community
to be harassed in the pretext of chasing away illegal immigrants. If the government really wants to send out
illegal immigrants, the existing laws are quite enough,” he informed.
MLA U T Khader inaugurated the programme and administered an oath to the protesters asking them to
show solidarity towards Constitution.
Udupi Khazi Bekal Ibrahim Musliyar offered ‘dua’ at the programme. Samvidhana Samrakshana Samithi
president Hyder Parthippady welcomed the gathering.

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